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Learning Management System

Start running courses today with Colossus Systems Learning Management System, with numerous benefits for organisations and educational institutions.

Learning Management System

Create, run and invite your members and audience to your training courses, and streamline the management of training and educational content, making it easier to create, deliver, and track courses and materials. Whether you're an educator aiming to streamline your teaching process or a business striving for employee development excellence, our LMS is the ultimate solution you've been waiting for.

learning management systems lms

Easily Create, Run and Manage Your Courses Online

Get started running and selling your online courses. Effortlessly create, customise, and publish courses with ease. No coding or technical skills are required.

Deliver interactive learning and empower your organisation to build and run online courses and virtual training through the user friendly learning management system and online course builder.

Engage your learners with quizzes, assignments, discussions, and multimedia content.

Deliver Effective and Efficient Learning Experiences to a Global Audience

Simplify the management and distribution of online training materials and streamline the process of creating and delivering educational content.

Provide in-house training courses to staff, or deliver specialised industry courses to your members. Deliver value and develop skills with user-friendly course builder software. 

Keep your course content and material current with an easy to operate course builder making updates and revisions a breeze, saving time and resources in the long run.

Collaborate and increase membership subscriptions with our CRM
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Tailor Your Online Courses and Resources to Your Audiences Learning Style 

Enhance the educational experience for learners of all ages and backgrounds. Make education more inclusive and accessible to a wider audience with our interactive learning features.

  • Build and allocate course material and modules in a dedicated online learning portal that can be accessed and managed anywhere.

  • Set quizzes, multiple-choice questions and long-form questions, and encourage collaboration among peers, and provide immediate feedback, allowing learners to track their progress and make necessary adjustments.

  • Upload pre-recorded videos, seminars, workshops and PowerPoint.

  • Set live elements to your video courses with our live webinar integration.  

  • Issue certificates and badges to reward and motivate learners.

  • Manage permissions, registrations, and payments.

Powerful Analytics for Better Reporting and Improved Engagement 

Use our progress tracking feature to monitor your students, employees or members progress in real-time. Identify areas for improvement and provide timely feedback.

Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive insights into learner performance and engagement. Track and measure course engagement to drive decisions and action, see which courses are working and which ones may need revising. 

Colossus Systems’ powerful reporting tools help you analyse course engagement, attendance, and interaction with the content and material so you can deliver the best for your audience.

Easy and quick lookup tools and data management

Learning Management Software

Empower your training and teaching with our course builder create engaging content effortlessly.


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