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Membership Management Software Features

Feature packed all-in-one engagement platform designed to help your organisation grow.

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Top Features

customisation and automation


Build powerful workflow automation with our tools and customisable Pipelines. Qualify & score leads according to their status and move them easily through the sale lifecycle. Never again miss a step in your sales process by triggering reminders & actions.

marketing sales tools


Empower your organisation with Colossus Collaborative event planning, marketing and sales tools, and so much more.

powerful reporting


Tools that allow you to customise reports and dashboards for easy membership lifecycle tracking and engagement levels.

All reports can be made into downloadable & printable formats and exported into CVS & Excel.

An All-in-One Contact Database Software

An All-in-One Contact Database Software

Keep all your contact data in one secure place, manage and stay on top of your relationships and communicate in real-time. Access conversation history and filter contact information by title, industry, and relationship to your organisation. Add custom fields and attributes so that you can stay on track and deliver a great experience. 

Start empowering your team with useful collaborative tools that raise efficiency and user adoption. 

With refinable searches, trackable contact history, audit trail tools & a lot more, our contact database helps you automate tasks, raise engagement & lower member attrition.

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Retain and Nurture Relationships with the Built-in CRM software 

Manage your leads, sales, marketing campaigns, teams, volunteers, and members with an easy-to-use CRM.  

Manage all your member, donor and customer relationships in one engaging CRM that you’ll team will love to use.

Colossus CRM enables teams to customise their own dashboards, so you have quick access to what you need right when you need it most.

Manage and grow your relationships with your members, donors or customers with dedicated insights into the health of your relationship based on financial and user engagement with your organisation.

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Increase member engagement and retention
Collaborate and increase membership subscriptions with our CRM

Create and report on email marketing campaigns with built-in email marketing software 

Get increased audience engagement with our personalisation email communication tools and email automation.

  • Send personalised and branded emails. 

  • Group, set and automate target communications and intent-based promotions based on buyer behaviour and activity. 

  • View email statistics, monitor & track open, clicked-through, bounced & unsubscribe rates of each campaign. 

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Host hybrid, virtual & in-person events with an all-in-one event management system

Create and manage virtual, in-person and hybrid events from a seamless event system.   

Run & host events, courses, awards, conferences, presentations & webinars.

  • Customise and host events and courses of any size or category. 

  • Market your event, sell tickets directly and accept secure payments using the event platform.   

  • Market your events with built-in communication tools and page builders.

  • Create custom landing pages to drive engagement and ticket sales.

  • Personalise event communication and registration pathways for greater take-up and attendance rates.

  • Use customisable reports to analyse data from your events and campaigns.

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Easy and quick lookup tools and data management
Easy and quick lookup tools and data management

Grow your Audience Build and Run Courses using the Powerful LMS Portal  

Deliver educational courses, training and learning and development programs with the built-in LMS portal

  • Create, automate, track and manage courses for your audience, members and internal teams. 

  • Create and deliver online courses and modules with customised surveys, quizzes, tests, questions and answers.

  • Upload your videos, lectures, workshops, presentations and documents to the system and share these directly from your dedicated website LMS portal. 

  • Tailor the look and feel to match your organisation's brand. 

  • Track progress and award certification for successful completion of your course material.   
  • Add branded forums and discussion boards to drive engagement. 

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An easy-to-use all-in-one system for businesses of all sizes, member associations, non-profits and charities 

Increase revenue, subscriptions and donations with built-in e-commerce capabilities

Start automating subscriptions, membership renewals and donations with the online payment system. Sell your courses, events and products through your website. 

  • Drive sales and manage day-to-day inventory and delivery with ey to implement ecommerce capabilities.  

  • Take one-off payments and accept recurring payments for subscriptions, donations & membership renewals.

  • Provide a smooth payment experience. 

  • Set and offer promotional codes and special pricing offers for members and repeat customers. 

  • Set your shipping calculations if and when needed. 

  • Categorize & add product variants such as brand, size, weight, colour, type and product descriptions. 

  • Take online payments securely and directly.

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Increase member engagement and retention
Collaborate and increase membership subscriptions with our CRM

Manage Your Projects and Teams Seamlessly and Never Miss Another Deadline

With built-in Project Management features, you get a complete overview of shared projects, their pipeline and workflows giving you the ability to monitor and manage actionable tasks, to-do lists and project progress. 

Assign tasks, and set up to-do lists, deadlines, & reminders using the built-in project management tools.

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Successful Events


Winning Campaigns

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