Easy to use sales and marketing CRM for membership organisations and non-profits. 

Membership Management Software

CRM Software 

Membership management and sales teams can collaborate and boost customer sales and membership subscriptions while keeping attrition at an all-time low using Colossus CRM. 

Win and close more sales and subscriptions 

Win and close more sales and subscriptions with customizable workflows and pipelines.

Colossus CRM allows you to customize your teams’ workflows and sales pipelines. 

Your teams can easily manage leads, projects and tasks, moving them through the different stages of their customized workflow and pipelines. 

Increase member engagement and retention
Collaborate and increase membership subscriptions with our CRM

Collaborate, manage and oversee team performance using Colossus CRM

Colossus CRM allows teams to collaborate, assign tasks and jobs, and keeps billing, quotes, and reports in a unified system, helping improve efficiency and team performance. 

Give your sales and marketing teams the tools to upsell and engage better, with access to tremendous analytics, report on trends and customer buying habits for future upsells and campaigns.

Never miss a deadline again 

Colossus Systems project and task management tools ensure teams are notified of progress and alerted when tasks are due.   

Get holistic insights across your organization and build great relationships

Get a birds-eye view of your customer and membership relationships with quick view dashboards.

With the ability to link contacts and relationships between organizations, you can see holistic insights across an organization as a whole helping better manage and build on your relationships with that organisation. 

Manage relationships at each touchpoint with an organisation within your customised CRM.

Send and track communication through our email system and set target groups for specific sales or member communication.

Easy and quick lookup tools and data management
Easy and quick lookup tools and data management

Powerful email marketing and communication tools to keep your audience engaged  

View customer and member data easily and quickly while setting up targeted sales and marketing communication via our email system.

Improve your email marketing and member engagement by sending eye-catching emails whether it's branded emails, campaigns, newsletters or branded event invites you can do it all quickly and with ease with Colossus template email builder or HTML editor.

Use the Colossus email platform to build separate email lists to send targeted campaigns and content for improved take-up, increased engagement, and conversions.

Get insightful email marketing data at the click of a button  

Report on open rates and email campaign engagement easily and quickly so your teams can manage and make tweaks to their campaigns for optimum success. 

Easily automate, plan and manage your email marketing 

Automate email marketing campaigns, build customised email paths for customer journeys, schedule emails to go out at optimum times, schedule and automate your transactional emails, confirmation, reminders, and thank you emails.

When you use our ecommerce platform 

Set up ecommerce emails that engage with your audience and their customer buyer behaviour. 

Increase member engagement and retention
Collaborate and increase membership subscriptions with our CRM

Powerful reports & analytics

Use Colossus analytics and reporting software to forecasts membership and customer growth while keeping track of retention levels and engagement. 

Colossus gives your teams the power to keep your members, customers, and clients happy by seeing trends and reporting on them so you can take action straight away.

Colossus CRM can integrate with your favourite products through API’s, such as accounting packages like Xero. 

  • Report on essential information in one easy to view place.
  • View the value of a member or customer to your organization.
  • Get quick insights into customer buying habits, purchases they make and how often.  

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Our software makes it easy for you and your marketers to engage with your customers and members no matter where they are 


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