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We believe in empowering people in business, by mastering the solutions to the biggest problems and challenges that face recruiters, hiring managers and business owners in today's market. We are committed to the innovation of faster more effective CRM and website tools to alleviate the pain points that many people experience during the hiring, sourcing and service division activities.

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What we do

Colossus Systems software supports the administrative, compliance and recruitment processes of HR Professionals, Recruitment Agencies, Businesses and the Construction Industry at the click of a button. Colossus systems provides easy to use software to aid your business in performance and operational success.

Save time

  • Automate your workflows;
  • Reduce your administrative task time, paperwork and the chance of errors;
  • Make your hiring process seamless; and
  • Accelerate hiring and increase acceptance rates.

save costs

  • Eliminate your overheads;
  • Monitor your workflow performance;
  • Maximise your workforce productivity; and
  • Cut back on your administration and save significantly on costs.

be compliant

  • Ensure your pre-employment checks are carried out effectively and compliantly;
  • Have your IR35 compliance tests, self-employed contractor or worker tests completed with ease; and
  • When a compliance issue is raised get real time alerts, so you can act accordingly and take the necessary measures to remain compliant.

 We are committed to finding the best solutions to help you be the best in your industry

How we do it

We understand that no two businesses are the same and that’s why we offer customised and tailored product solutions dependant on your day-to-day role and business challenges. Choose from a suite of products to suit your business needs. 

Automate and streamline your business today with our efficient, easy to navigate software that makes your job easier, discover and acquire talent with ease, hire with confidence and invest in your company’s future success. Our products aid in reducing back-office costs, with the opportunity for increased turnover, and a reduction in heavily administrative tasks, eliminating the need for paper-based processing and reduces the possibility of compliance breaches, back-office errors, delays and the chances of duplication.

All products can be accessed anywhere and, on any device, creating complete flexibility, with no expensive set up fees.

Take a look around our suite of products.

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Our Products

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HR Checker

HR systems from interview to termination.

Cost effective CRM & website tools to assist and empower businesses

About Our Company

Colossus Systems is a software as a service provider with a suite of evolving products and services to help businesses and professionals manage their workflows more efficiently, compliantly and cost effectively.

Our aim is to drive progress and supply innovative solutions to our clients at an affordable price.

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