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 Security Association

Membership Management—

What Colossus does for them:

Colossus’ software is built in such a way that it is the Swiss-army knife of membership management software. Our features and numerous systems allow companies and organisations to retain, engage and grow their members. Our software is extremely versatile and because of that it can be useful to many companies and organisations. However, our main focus is membership management and so it is particularly useful to companies that are member reliant. A security association adopted Colossus and has found great success through it to manage and grow their memberships through the software. 

How Colossus does it: 

Colossus is an invaluable piece of software for membership organisations or association. We work with a security association who utilise our software to manage and communicate with their existing and prospective members. They utilise the member management system primarily. 


Our membership management system, within our Colossus software consists of numerous useful features that an association like theirs depends on for sustainable growth, engagement and retainment. Especially useful is the membership database feature of the membership management system. In the membership database they are able to safely store member information. The information on the membership database is completely secure, easy to edit and quick to update. This feature can become invaluable to organisations and associations because of the ever-changing nature of a membership management. So, it is necessary to have strong software that has the capacity to change as your organisation changes. Being so malleable means that your team is able to take less time worrying about updating and editing records and more time focusing on how to retain, engage and attract. 


The membership subscription department of this security association implement the software so to manage their members’ subscriptions and set up membership renewals in a way that is both swift and effective. Colossus’ membership management software takes the pressure off your team by giving them a secure database that allows them to also view and report on key data enabling them to communicate with their members more seamlessly all from one neat place. Gathering these data points for analysis’ is vital because it allows you to get a much more detailed, or a lot more broad, scope of the health of the organisation whether it is general or specific. This ability to view data points and make analysis’ that can be a birds eye view or under a magnifying glass means that you can really pin point successes and failures, determine future goals, and have a much more accurate gauge of what position the organisation is in. You can also track and monitor membership engagement and attendance of events through our membership management system. 


The membership management system also helps optimise your teams potential by equipping them with useful tools enabling them to find information more quickly. They have the ability to search for data through refined searches helping them gain the information they need to conduct audits and pin down data points that can be used to continuously grow their department. With the membership management system member information and documentation is at the tip of your fingers at all times. Teams can upload and view shared files, documents, images, contracts or invoices relating to each member. There are also collaboration tools making collaborative tasks a much easier endeavour. On the system you can also assign tasks, write up to-do lists, contact members and colleagues as well as set reminders. The members information are consistently organised in a way that raises productivity amongst teams utilising the system so that they are able to deliver a great experience to your members through the careful gathering of key data. All interaction history is left in one place so that teams can pick up where the other left off. Teams also have the ability to raise dispatch notes and track invoices through API calls to their accounting system Xero to manage subscriptions and one-off events. Within the membership management system you can also conduct email campaigns to targeted members. 

You can onboard new members and qualify new membership enquiries through the membership subscription sales pipeline using the membership CRM tools. We have a built-in members portal that helps strengthen the bridge of communication between organisation and members. On this portal you can communicate and share content and news with your members. On the other hand, our built-in CMS system allows for organisations to engage with non-members through the use of many features including the ability to update content on the front-facing website where organisations advertise the member services they offer.