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B2B — Event hosting and management 

What Colossus does for them:

Colossus’ software is also great for B2B purposes. We love to work with other companies, brand and organisations and help them in any way we can. Our offering is broad and because our ability to tailor Colossus’ software around the needs of our clients this means that we are able to invariably give our clients what they need every single time.  We have worked with many businesses who have wanted to use colossus for event hosting and management. 

How Colossus Does it: 

Colossus is a great tool for B2B endeavours, it is especially popular due to its event hosting and management capabilities. To drive engagement with your target audience whether its existing clients/members or prospective ones hosting online events can be a great way of achieving this. Event hosting can really catalyse engagement and attract new clients. Our software can help with that. Our event management  and hosting system will allow the easy creation, hosting and management of any virtual event. From start to finish your event will be easy to manage and host through our system in an impressive way that presents the best that your brand has to offer. 

Companies, brands, and organisations can run and host events, awards, presentations  and webinars virtually using Colossus’ virtual event software. Your marketing teams can engage with members anywhere in the world and access powerful analytics to feed back to the organisations for future campaigns. Being able to analyse the success and data points from any event you run can be an invaluable tool to continuously reach new heights in terms of retention rates and new client attraction. Hosting events virtually allows you to reach a much bigger portion of your target demographic without the confines of physical distance, this means that no matter where your target audience is you can reach and engage with them. Being able to reach virgin consumers in other parts of the world means that you can introduce your brand into new markets and create a space for your company there which needless to say is a great catalyst for growth. 

Colossus also gives you gives you the tools to set up a personalised registration path for attendees, speakers and sponsors so you only display relevant tickets and event sessions to the right audience. This attention to detail can be the difference between success and failure, long term growth or a short term buzz. Being able to narrow the scope and really focus on key consumers is such a powerful tool. 

Our event management system also allows you to tailer your event registrations to include the following: early bird pricing, discount codes and member only pricing. These can act as an effective incentive for existing and virgin consumers to attend and get them a step closer to becoming a loyal client. Marketing teams can also set up event landing pages utilising Colossus’ CMS templates to more successfully heighten and encourage attendance. 

It is simple to automate and schedule confirmation, set and send reminders as well as thank you emails to drive event attendance and customer satisfaction.  Events are easily edited and registrants are easily checked in. Online payments can be made and accepted securely using credit and debit cards, as well as through major payment gateways. Our software allows you to effortlessly keep track of all transactions through its various event tools. Both members and non-members of organisations can easily register and pay for events on the website and via the members online portal. You can also find key information about the attendees more easily by using our powerful search and filters. Our search and filters allow you to see participant attendance by event, event type, and the participants role. These data points can prove invaluable for marketing purposes and ROI data. Our system allows you to also easily view participant data statistics on the system and import or export participant data in CSV and Excel formats. 

Our events system is powerful and completely capable of taking care of your needs no matter what they may be. Using Colossus’ event system for B2B purposes is easy and an effective way to drive engagement and growth for your organisation. If you would like to hear more please contact us on: