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Tuesday 10 August 2021 - Katherine Duffy

Law Society


 Law Society — 

Membership growth & event hosting and management

Colossus is being utilised by a law society based in the UK. This law society mainly uses Colossus to grow its members and for its integrated events hosting and management platform. These features allow them to attract a much wider scope of potential members as well as continuously engage with their current ones through marketing tactics and online events. 

What Colossus does for them: 

Colossus’ features allow the law society to catalyse membership growth and engagement. 


How Colossus does it: 

Colossus’ features catalyse membership growth through the implementation of its numerous multifaceted features. Colossus’ all-in-one software allows this law society to not just create marketing campaigns but manage them. By implementing the marketing and lead generation tools offered by our software they are able to reach their target audience in a much more effective capacity, which in turn catalyses growth. Our software includes a broad range of marketing and lead generation tools. 


We have email marketing tools like personalised emails, the ability to import and export email lists with ease, email templates, email statistics, ability to check on open and click through rates, monitor bounce rates and unsubscribes, targeted email campaigns with advanced contact searches. These features allow organisations to have a much stronger grip on their memberships, current and potential, because if implemented correctly they do most of the heavy lifting whilst allowing you to have all the control you need to ensure your growth is continuous and sustainable. 


Whilst our member management tools and features give you all you need to keep your existing members engaged and retention rates high. With our software you can view member information and documentation quickly and from a secure database. The tools within our membership management system allows you to follow up, update member records and report on key data. It allows you to communicate more easily with your members. These features allow your teams time to be optimised so that they can do more and do it more quickly this invariably leads to growth. Your team is able to retrieve membership data at a faster pace and conduct audits more easily. The ability to conduct regular audits helps organisations grow because they are able to pin-point exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are, what works and what doesn’t, what engages and what disengages their members. 


The other main facet of our software that the law society has found particularly important in their pursuits of membership growth has been the utilisation of our events platform. The use our events platform to regularly create, host and mange events online. The regular events keep existing members engaged whilst also attracting new prospective members. You can run and host all sorts of events including awards, presentations and webinars. The events software allows you to connect with your target audience no matter where they are in the world, allowing you to reach previously unreachable or difficult to reach target markets and target audience. The reaching of these target audiences is only one half of the cake though, the other is the softwares ability to run powerful analytics that get feedback to your organisation for future campaigns. All of this, increases your chances at success and makes your growth rate climb higher and higher. 


These tools become invaluable because of their ease-of-use and their effectiveness in giving you the information you need quickly, which is exactly why the law society has found such success in growing their business through our system. The fact that it is all on one software linked into your website is just the cherry on top. 


Colossus really does live up to what its promises. So, if you are interested please get in contact and let us help you grow continuously and sustainably. 


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