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CIS contracting

CIS Contracting

CIS Contracting has been designed to assist construction businesses with their back-office administration and recruitment processes, while assisting with compliance. CIS contracting provides tools and software that increases efficiency, productivity and assists in documenting each step.

CRM & Job Tracking

Make managing the employment and contractor life-cycle easy and streamlined. Review applications and shortlist effectively with our convenient, filter add, source, manage and rate system. Hire with confidence matching the perfect applicant to the job. Make monitoring employee & contractor record processing a breeze, with the ability to review trends and stay ahead of potential problems before they occur.

HMRC CIS Real-time Notifications

Once a workers CIS status has been confirmed and the payroll run has been processed, this tool will automate the latest CIS status of each worker to calculate the CIS tax to be withheld. This ensures that each worker gets the correct deduction each payroll run, keeping all parties up to date with HMRC, and saves you time and helps eliminate possible errors.

Tax Liability Management

Automate your manual processes and save valuable time and resources. Tracking and collating CIS Tax deductions, per worker per tax period can be incredibly time consuming and tedious. Our Tax Liability Management tool collates the information and enables you to make deductions automatically, ensuring the correct amounts are paid to HMRC at the right time with the right information.

Documentation and Audit Trail

All CIS deductions made by your business on behalf of HMRC are required to be recorded and proof of this record must be sent to the worker in the form of a Payment and Deduction Statement. These statements are automatically generated within the software and are sent directly to the worker, saving your team time and effort.

HMRC CIS Reporting

Once the CIS deductions have been withheld and then paid to the HMRC, the payment and deduction statements will have been automatically submitted on your behalf. Our reporting tool then makes it simple to extract data in csv format, this can be useful in other areas of the business where reports can help in key business decisions.

Payment Notifications

Streamline compliance and communication with our payment notifications; ensure workers records, and the worker themselves are kept up-to-date on payments, deductions and documentation. The software ensures, that whenever possible, this type of information is shared amongst all relevant parties in order to remain compliant and aid in communication.

Worker Status Test 

Remove the worry and uncertainty surrounding the complex area of independent contractor and worker.
This tool helps gig economy employers and those hiring contract workers by ensuring they reduce the chances of leaving themselves open to costly litigation claims.

Interactive Timesheeting

Manage & create online timesheets for staff and contractors, for easy tracking and approval.

Invoice & Payment Management

Turn timesheets into invoices, making it easier to pay staff and clients efficiently and effectively with our easy to use payment and invoice system.

CIS Status

As a CIS payroll officer our CIS status tool enables you to track each workers CIS status and cross-reference it against HMRC’s database, ensuring the correct tax is deducted each payroll run.


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