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Odysseus Recruitment

Odysseus recruitment

We understand that effective recruitment is paramount to the successful day-to-day functioning of every business. This is why we are committed to finding the best solutions to help you be the best in your industry.

Our recruitment information management tool is designed to streamline your back-office processes and optimize the hiring process, so you can screen candidates that are perfect for your client’s faster and more effectively, saving you valuable time to concentrate on growing your business and clientele further.

Odysseus recruitment software helps optimize your recruitment process, providing you with the tools to source candidates better tailored to your client’s spec. Our software helps your business reduce costs, remain compliant, manage timesheeting, invoicing and payment processes seamlessly with our easy to use operation management system.


Attract candidates through job boards and social media, create placements and add job descriptions, manage and control the candidates progress, source and place the right candidates in the right jobs every time.   

Right to Work Checking

Enables candidates to submit right to work documentation before applying for a job, saving time, reducing errors and ensuring you remain compliant.

Candidate CRM

Make managing applications simple, search candidates easily and conveniently, filter add, source, manage, rate, submit & place candidates effectively and with ease.

Compliance Tracking

Verify, track and maintain your candidates, temp and agency staff Home Office compliance from Right to Work through to licence and accreditation checks such as DBS, NMC, GMC, SIA, CA.

HMRC Compliance

Perform due diligence checks instantly, check whether candidates are genuinely self-employed and do not breach HMRC IR35 guidelines.

Client CRM

Add & manage client information and job specs, create notes, tasks and reminders. Generate client contracts and documentation.  

Placement Rota

Manage where and when your candidates work with our smart, self-managing placement rota. Allowing for unfettered substitution.  

Task Management

Setup tasks & reminders quickly and efficiently, manage your busy schedule with easy to operate management system with pop-up alerts, to ensure you never miss that important deadline again. 

Applicant Tracking System

Easily track applications through the recruitment process using our ATS, enabling you to filter through candidates to find the best person for your client's job spec.

CV Creation Tool

Allow candidates and admin staff to collaborate on CV creation harnessing mapping points to allow easy analytics of data.

Talent Pool & Talent Acquisition

Gain insight and build your talent pool, source candidates for future roles quickly and efficiently, with our data matching tools.   


Manage and create online timesheets for easy tracking and approval.   


Interview candidates online through specific questionnaires answering your clients' key questions, with two-way and one-way video calls coming soon source the best candidates for your clients, reduce the chances of sending inadequate candidates to your clients and save them time in the interviewing process.   

Job Portal

Implement and customise your own job portal to your web page and start attracting talent straight to your business.    

Job Advertising

Increase engagement and attract the right candidates. Advertise jobs to 3rd party job boards.   


Find information & data quickly and efficiently with our easy to navigate lookup tool.  

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