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Compliance Force

Compliance force

Compliance force has been designed and developed with the business owner in mind. We know that in business time and money is extremely valuable and that this can be crucial when starting out and can often be the make or break of many start-ups. This is why we have designed a suite of practical and cost effective tools to assist and empower businesses in managing their workforce compliantly from start to end with confidence.

Compliance force is ideal for businesses that may not have the resources to hire Human Resources Managers or may have human resources in place but need cost-effective assistance to manage their workforce and support this business function.

Whether you’re a start-up, or simply growing and increasing in size our software can help with compliance, back-office administration and hiring needs.

We understand that depending on your size and business needs and challenges you may not need all the benefits our product offers, this is why we provide a customised version, so you can tailor and apply the tools most important to you and your business, with the option to add on tools as and when you may need them.

Applicant Tracking System

Easily track applications through the recruitment process using our ATS, enabling you to filter through applicants to find the best person for your business. 

Absence Management

Manage & monitor your employee & workers absence & holiday requests systemically.

Employment & Business Document Library

Save time & remain compliant with fully customisable dynamic documents, policies & contracts ready to download & implement in seconds.

Interactive Timesheeting

Manage & create online timesheets for staff and contractors, for easy tracking and approval.

Client & Lead CRM

Turn your leads into customers and build on continued customer loyalty and engagement, with our easy to use CRM system. Add and manage client and prospects information and projects, create notes, tasks and reminders. Streamline your marketing and sales functions and increase profits and stay ahead of the competition with our easy to use CRM system.

Compliance Tracking

Verify, track and maintain your candidates, temp and agency staff Home Office compliance from Right to Work through to licence and accreditation checks such as DBS, NMC, GMC, SIA, CA.

HMRC Compliance

Protect your business from hefty fines & compliance breaches with our easy to use HMRC compliance tool. If you hire contractors this tool enables you to perform due diligence checks instantly, check whether contractors are genuinely self-employed and do not breach HMRC IR35 guidelines.

Worker Status Test 

Remove the worry and uncertainty surrounding the complex area of independent contractor and worker.
This tool helps gig economy employers and those hiring contract workers by ensuring they reduce the chances of leaving themselves open to costly litigation claims.

Placement Rota

Do you have a flexible workforce, operating a rota system? Manage where and when your workforce work with our smart, self-managing placement rota. If you have independent contractors on your books this tool allows for unfettered substitution for contractors, aiding your business with the complex employment law.


Make managing the employment life-cycle easy and streamlined. Review applications and shortlist effectively with our convenient, filter add, source, manage and rate system. Hire with confidence matching the perfect applicant to the job. Make monitoring employee records and processes a breeze, with the ability to review trends and stay ahead of potential problems before they occur.  

Talent Pool & Talent Acquisition

Gain insight and use your existing talent for future and upcoming roles better suited to their skills. View and develop existing staff with our data matching tools. Attract and retain the right talent for your organisation with our talent acquisition software.

Job Portal

Implement and customise your own job portal to your businesses career page and start attracting talent straight to your business.

Job Advertising

Increase engagement and attract the right applicants. Advertise jobs to 3rd party job boards.


Find information & data quickly and efficiently with our easy to navigate lookup tool.

Right to Work Checking

Enables applicants to submit right to work documentation before applying for a job, saving time, reducing errors and ensuring you remain compliant.

Task & Project Management

Setup tasks & reminders quickly and efficiently, manage your busy schedule with easy to operate management system with pop-up alerts, to ensure you never miss that important deadline again.


Interview applicants online through specific questionnaires answering your key questions, with two-way and one-way video calls (coming soon) source the best people for your business, reduce the chance of recruiting the wrong person for the job. Save time in the interviewing process. View pre-recorded interviews and questions enabling you to shortlist the best talent for your role. Bring your interview process to life, gain greater insights than would be possible through simply gleaning over a paper resume.

Job Application Tracking

Easily track job applications through the recruitment process enabling you to filter applicants to find the best person for your business. With easy to apply shortlisting and ratings tool it’s never been easier to find the best talent to fulfil your business's objectives.


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