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Bookkeeping software

White Label Online Bookkeeping

Colossus Systems offer a complete white label online bookkeeping service for accounting businesses and bookkeepers.

Our white label We provide a much need value add to your business or consultancy by enabling your clients to manage their own books.

Our white label bookkeeping product helps you save time and money and enhances your business, helping you stand out from your competition, while empowering your clients. 

Live Bookkeeping

By using the online portal your customers will be able to track their debits and credits as they occur, meaning their books are being update in real time resulting in less administration for your team.

Real Time Communication

Our helpline service facilitates two-way communication between your customers and your team, with full conversation records and new query email triggers, allowing real time Q&A collaboration.


All records inputted into the online bookkeeping allow for an associated record to be attached. These records, along with general documentation, are shared and accessed via the portal eliminating the requirement for paper and email-based document sharing.


All transactions inputted into the online bookkeeping system are compiled into the cashbook. This cashbook can also be downloaded into csv should there be a requirement to use it in another accounting program.

Live Tax Calculation

Our real time tax calculator provides you and your customers with a live tax estimation, giving your customer the peace of mind that they know exactly how much they owe HMRC, and can budget accordingly.

Multiple income streams

Multiple types of income streams can be recorded on the online bookkeeping system, reducing the need for additional year end bookkeeping effort. These incomes are incorporated into our smart tax calculator, providing your customers with peace of mind.

Lower costs

By empowering your customers to take control of their day to day finances through the online bookkeeping system, your business will be able to both lower your accounting costs and turn a higher profit by removing a large proportion of the administrative effort associated with traditional bookkeeping.


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